Honda Jazz 2020 Interior, Review, Price

Honda Jazz 2020 Interior, Review, Price – The Honda Jazz has long since gained a cult status. It especially popular and sought after in richer markets. The Honda Jazz 2020 has a higher price than all competitors. However, what in turn does seem to justify the initial investment. Perhaps at first glance, you do not see any sensation when you are looking at Honda Jazz, but on the other hand, you will see that it’s actually a little monstrous.

Honda already managed with the first generation to put a large cabin in a small body. With many practical solutions, the 2020 Jazz is the champion of multi-functionality. And when you add to the first-class Honda mechanics, that is, the best manual gearbox and the perfect result in customer satisfaction, it’s clear why it’s hard to find any used Jazz at all, let alone buy it.

Honda Jazz 2020

Honda Jazz 2020

Honda Jazz 2020 Changes


The new Honda Jazz 2020 has a very elegant and beautiful look. Thanks to larger lights and standard grids, the new Honda Jazz 2020 will be spotted on the streets. From the center of the grid passes a mental stick holding the brand logo. The lights on the front of the vehicle are made of two LED rings. However, if you love adventurous rides outside, you will be disappointed. Namely, this Honda Jazz 2020 is very small, so it is possible to permanently damage the car’s chassis. The redesigned 2020 Jazz has new headlights and an updated front bezel design. In addition, it has redesigned bumps.

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Honda Jazz 2020 Interior

Honda Jazz 2020 Interior


Inside the cabin, you feel like at least a bigger car. The 354-liter luggage compartment can very quickly be raised to 1,314 liters by lowering the rear seats. Innumerable variants of seat configurations allow you to transport long, high, wide and all other loads that you can imagine. For example, if the front passenger seat is tilted horizontally in the plane of the rear seats, you will get a total of 1.58 meters of free space. If you lower the rear seat, the number increases to 2.48 m. And all this in dimensions less than four meters that will ease and push you through city crowds and parking on our too little parking spaces in public garages or outside of them.

Honda Jazz 2020 Powerful Engine

The newly arrived new generation continues with all the positive things of the past two generations and adds some new ones. First of all, it offers a 1.3-liter gasoline. The gearbox is still manual, six degrees that we would never change, but for those less supple, there is automatic, ie CVT.

One of the most important newspapers is the 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine that delivers 130 hp which, according to the factory data, spends 5.4 liter / 100 km on average and emits 124 grams of CO2 per kilometer when combined with an improved CVT gearbox. Fuel economy of this powertrain combined will be around 30 mpg.

Honda Jazz 2020 Exterior

Honda Jazz 2020 Exterior

Honda Jazz 2020 Price

The Honda Jazz 2020 will be shown in the middle of the current year. The starting price should not be higher than $ 24,000. Of course, depending on the version of the engine and equipment package and the price becomes bigger.

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